Our workshops and retreats are held in destinations that are remote, unique and full of opportunities for adventure and fun!

We create the canvas for the magic to happen so you can share your unique passions and gifts while receiving the same from others in a communal and playful space. Experience the culture, cuisine, and indigenous traditions that travelers from all walks of life get excited about, but know that it's the journey (not the destination) that unites us. 

Weave yourself into the rich tapestry of community, conversations and REAL relating. Return seeing beyond life’s previous limitations, to a vaster, freer, more open, courageous, confident, and unshakable YOU. 

Foster new friendships, connect with like-minded seekers, leaders and lovers of adventure.


Integration is KEY - we invite indigenous healers, body-workers, 'Light-Workers,' musicians, artists and curators of experience to help you integrate your discoveries throughout the week. 

There are boundless opportunities for a 'life-changing experience.' Our goal is to have you sustain that change once you return home with a renewed sense of life’s previous limitations--to a more courageous, confident, and centered YOU. 

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'Soul-Scrubbing' Weekends

Experts say and our community of Co-Creators have proven that change happens when people...

1. Remove themselves from the places and people that enable them to stay stuck.
2. Instill a daily practice that allows them to feel empowered and in control of our lives.
3. Have an experience that changes the perspective we have about ourselves, and the world around us.
4. Get supported and nourished in a unique way, that wouldn’t normally be accessible to us.

'Soul Scrubbing Weekends' are designed for you to have ALL of the above with each experience. 


We create an intentional space to find the quality of connection that we strive for and thrive on as human beings.

You will have the opportunity to choose the invitations that will allow you to deepen or discover your practice, and gain the wisdom that will empower you to follow your unique purpose and path. 

Our retreats are for a mindfully selected group who have previously worked with our community or participated in previous events. With that being said, we always come from a place of inclusion and curiosity...please reach out if the invitations call to you!