Relational Yoga (also known as Circling), is a practice that is now growing around the world...bringing in energy of consciousness, community, and REAL connection.  

Many of us are called to practice yoga because it empowers us to get in touch with our bodies, it opens our hearts and quiets our minds. 'Relational Yoga' creates the opportunity to put language to our present-moment-experience, while receiving reflection from the un-biased and compassionate place of others.

We are all students in this practice as we listen with generosity and learn how to express our unique experience and truth without projecting our ideas and beliefs onto others. This facilitated process gifts us with human compassion as we discover the world through each others eyes and co-create an experience that fosters the quality of connection and community that we all aspire to create. 

We design workshops, retreats and corporate programs that incorporate Relational Yoga, tailored for your individual needs. The principals of Relational Yoga have the power to shift the way the relate to each other as human beings and transform the cultures and communities that we aspire to create. 

Yesterday I was so clever and I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, and I am changing myself.’
— Rumi


  • Radical acceptance
  • The principals of non-violent and authentic communicatin
  • The quality of connection and intimacy that we all long for and thrive in as human beings.
  • Your 'blind-spots' from an un-biased and loving place. 
  • What's possible when you stop believing everything you think.
  • What it's like to be truly present, in your daily life and relationships.  
  • How to stay true to yourself, and not disappear in the company of others
  • The power of healing that comes through intentional community.