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Our story...meeting each other changed the course of our lives, forever. 

The three of us met in the midst of re-inventing ourselves after walking away from careers, relationships and opportunities that felt limiting in ways that we were unwilling to settle for. After everything we'd learned, accomplished and let go of in order to stay true to our unique purposes and paths, our eyes and hearts were open to manifesting a boundless spectrum of possibilities. 

Today, we are a 'Soul-Family,' who lives for adventure, freedom and the trust that we can ALL 'have it all'.

We co-create, play, practice and connect as both teachers and students, continuously growing with a community of Change-Makers who are committed to expanded consciousness, personal growth and awareness. 

Each of us contributes something powerful, beautiful and different.

We can be silly and playful or go deep to create an intentional space for healing and growth. You can count on us to create beauty in every push your edge, to surprise you and to celebrate what's continuously revealed throughout this wild-life journey.