We live in the age of information with a world full of approaches, perspectives and people that can accelerate your path to living and leading in your most powerful form.

When you’re ready to make a shift in life, it can be overwhelming to consider where to begin. The truth is, everything you need is at your fingertips...all you need to do is get curious and look 'outside the box'. Let us introduce you to the experiences and people who will guide and support you when 'life happens'. 

Time is precious, community is key.

Our 'Conscious Community' consists of teachers, coaches, healers and guides who can transform any realm of your life.  We work with individuals one-on-one, co-create workshops, lead global retreats and corporate programs in destinations that are remote, unique, and full of opportunities for adventure, discovery and fun. 

These experiences have the potential to shift the way we authentically relate to each other, and can transform the cultures and communities that we aspire to create. Your curiosity is what inspires our offerings, your presence is a gift to ALL of us.

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Meet our community of Co-Creators! We'll get to know the REAL you, so we can you understand what you're missing, needing or (unconsciously) attracting on your quest to live, lead and love in your most powerful form. 

Our programs include relationship and leadership coaching as well as corporate retreats that inspire team-building, emotional awareness and wellness.

We're here to accelerate your journey towards having more quality connection, confidence and success in all areas of your life. We mindfully select our clients and work both one-on-one and as a team with individuals and groups around the world.

You choose where you want to begin...

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Our Practice - Relational Yoga

Many of us practice yoga because it empowers us to be present, to get in touch with our bodies, and to quiet our minds. 'Relational Yoga' creates the opportunity to put language to our present-moment experience, while receiving reflection from the un-biased and compassionate attention from others.

This practice invites us to reveal our true selves with the trust that you will be heard, seen and accepted without judgement. You will learn how to become truly present in your daily lives, while staying true to yourself and not 'disappearing' in relationships.

Relational Yoga is now growing around the world, as it inspires community and brings in energy of consciousness, evolution and enlightenment. 

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